How much fuel oil can a single-family home use?

Due to the immensely rising heating oil prices, the consumption of heating oil in your single-family home is an even more important issue. In this article, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of heating oil and how high the consumption of heating oil in your single-family home may be.

Clear advantages, clear disadvantages

What are the average heating costs?

The average consumption of heating oil in Germany is about 13.5 liters per square meter, which corresponds to a price of about 12.00 euros at current heating oil prices. Based on a living space of 120 square meters, annual heating costs amount to 1440.00 Euro. Whether this is too much depends on the year of construction and the design of the house.

Old houses may consume more

If your house was built before the year 1977, the consumption of heating oil is usually high - the annual heating costs amount to an average of 3.500 Euro. Houses built between 1977 and 2002 have different guide values. Although about 1,750 euros per year are not little, but still only half the size of the old building.

Really efficient are only modern houses that are an efficiency house according to KfW guidelines. The fuel oil consumption of such houses is very low and causes a total annual cost of only 1,050.00 euros - the investment in modern technology and insulation is therefore worthwhile.

Reduce the consumption of heating oil with the refurbishment

Especially if you own a very old one-family house, you should think about a refurbishment. Because the high consumption of heating oil old houses is usually not only due to an outdated heating, but also on a poor insulation.

In a renovation, the individual mistakes of your house are paid. In the case of a lack of density, emphasis should be placed on all components, with sensitive areas such as the windows or the roof playing a special role.

Tips & TricksAllow a so-called blower-door test at your detached house to identify leaks. Your house is completely sealed and introduced through the front door compressed air; Pressure losses close to leaks.
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