How long is the drying time of oil paints?

Oil paints are generally known to not dry too quickly. In practice, this can actually take a long time, sometimes even a whole year goes by until complete drying - and only then should the artist apply the final varnish. However, there are also varieties that require significantly less drying time.

So much drying time is required for oil paints

During drying, a solvent, for example water, always settles out of a solid until it finally hardens. For this reason, oil paints do not actually dry, but they oxidize with the help of atmospheric oxygen. This chemical process takes up to the deeper layers quite several weeks to months to complete.

Very thin oil paint coatings may be dry after just a few days, but thick-layered paintings take much more patience. But there are also fast-drying oil paints with special siccatives, whose drying time is significantly reduced.

Tips & TricksIf you want a fast-drying oil color, then inquire directly in the shop afterwards. The experts will know which product suits best.
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