How individual can modern prefabricated houses be?

The prefabricated house - must it always be a house off the shelf? No. Modern prefabricated construction increasingly relies on individuality in order to best meet customer requirements. In this article you will learn how individual and varied today's prefabricated houses can be.

The catalog - only a rough guide in the future?

The individuality of the prefabricated building creates an important drawback from the world, which made the prefabricated house unattractive for many builders: Strict specifications as far as models and equipment are concerned. Because the clear advantages of prefabricated construction, short construction times and a central organization should not suffer from a lack of individuality.

The vendor decides

As already mentioned, you should compare the vendors and look at where customization of course and where it is more the exception; the differences are significant. But not only the possibilities, but also the surcharges for special requests are an important criterion; Some providers ask for simple changes such surcharges that the builders prefer to decide against it.

The cost: set a clear limit

Since customization is in most cases associated with surcharges, you should keep an eye on your costs and save where possible. If you really want to add a personal touch to every detail of your home, this project is going to blow up the costs. Therefore: In the beginning, determine how much money may be invested in special requests.

Tips & TricksConsult in advance with the respective provider, which surcharges are due for certain projects for customization. This prevents later surprises and clarifies the expected costs.
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