How does the controller work with the night storage heater?

A night storage heater has no controller and can not be set by itself like other heaters. How the control works with night storage heaters, you can read here.

Re-adjustment is rarely possible

Pure night storage heaters offer no possibility to regulate the amount of heat. However, there are night storage heaters with blower - for better heat distribution and faster heating - and those with additional built-in day-stream heating to compensate for spontaneously occurring temperature fluctuations down to something.

In the night storage heater itself, however, the amount of heat is only regulated by the measured outdoor temperature. Depending on which outside temperature prevails, a larger or smaller amount of heat is generated and stored in the storage blocks. To determine the required amount of heat, the so-called charge controller is responsible. Auf The recharge times are different depending on the electricity supplier and are usually between six and ten hours at times of low loads, usually at night.

During the day, only the amount of heat stored in the device core and previously charged can be released slowly and evenly to the room. The control of the heat output thus works fully automatically in the case of night storage heaters and can not be influenced.

Night storage heaters with room thermostat

Night storage heaters, which use a thermostat in the room to control a fan fan, offer a slight increase in comfort. The room thermostat constantly monitors the room temperature and drops below a pre-set value. The fan additionally blows warm air into the room - until the room temperature is above the preset limit again.

Since only the heat stored inside the device is released here, no additional power consumption or heating costs are incurred, except for the operation of the fan. The flexible control using the room thermostat makes it possible, however, to compensate for short-term and short-term temperature fluctuations within the room - for example, shortly after a window has been opened.

This ensures that the room temperature is always kept constant even in the event of fluctuations, such as ventilation. This offers more comfort, as otherwise the same heat output would otherwise compensate for temperature fluctuations in the room over a long period of time.

Tips & TricksNight-time storage heaters are not only the most inefficient but also the least heatable compared to other types of heaters. For more comfort and less cost, it is worthwhile in any case to exchange the night storage heater for a more modern form of heating.

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